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Women Entrepreneurs

women entrepreneurs

Businesses run by women are mushrooming everywhere, including the developing nations. Women entrepreneurs have finally arrived in this previously male dominated field. Many women who stepped into the business arena have been able to expand their start-up ventures into multibillion dollar businesses with clients all over the world. These women have also pulled several others in their glorious wake, sparking off a phenomenon.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind, if you have been weaving your dream venture for a while now:

Government aid and assistance:

There are several women-friendly organizations that exist to encourage the entrepreneur in you. A quick search on the internet will provide you the names, contact details, eligibility, and other criteria that you need to fulfill in order to qualify for an aid.


Get your business certified, it is worth it. Sometimes all that keeps you from that government order maybe a certificate.

Spell out goals and values:

Your goals are what you want to see yourself achieve in a given time. Have short-term goals that lead you to your longer term goals. Values are the principles that drive your business. Your values define how you achieve your goals. Will you preserve your client’s trust at all cost? Will you set up your business in a way that leaves you lots of room for family time?

Get organized:

Home businesses or small business need to have separate office space for you to operate from. There are specific government regulations regarding this. Organize your space wisely.

Manage your finances:

Open a separate business account. Do not mix your business finances with your family’s finances. An average start-up business requires at least $10,000 as investment and operation expenditure. You are eligible for tax benefits only when you show profits exceeding expenditure.

Get an advisory board:

Before you go to war get some wise counsel. You need all the pointers, nuggets of wisdom, accountability, and providers of influential contacts. These are those people who have traded the path before you.

Build relationships:

Use social networking such as Facebook. Leverage like minded business contacts. Get involved in local philanthropic activities, get noticed, and get to know your local politicians who can help you grow your business at some point.

Mind your manners:

Whatever you do remember that your customers or clients value how you treat them and others in their presence. They are clued in on the way you handle them and others, in order to get an idea about your business ethics. Most people equate bad manners with a lack of respect or incompetence. So, it is wise to invest in some grooming lessons.

When you are in business you cannot afford to be emotionally tied. In times of failure you have to learn to be objective and sometimes allow the failure and use it as a learning experience. Being a woman need not keep you from entrepreneurship. Step in boldly, take help, use available resources, get trained when you have the opportunity, learn to let go, and watch your business do what you want it to.

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