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Wisdom and Association Leads to Success

Lead to Success

Wisdom waits to be gathered. No one achieves anything meaningful from ignorance. Only through learning and education can you prosper in any given field. You must seek out wisdom. Read books and listen to recordings that bring about positive change and understanding. Do not bombard your mind with material that feeds your doubts and fears.

You need to listen to what increases your belief in yourself and your future. Choose your friends carefully. You are who your friends are. Associate yourself with only those you admire. You speak your friends language and share their opinions and habits. Look around you and evaluate who your friends are. Are these the people you want to become? They say if you hang out with chickens you will learn to scratch the ground and squabble over crumbs. If you surround yourself with eagles you will learn to soar to great heights. Find wise people to seek counsel from. Counsel from wise people can be used immediately for quick results.

If you counsel with only yourself you can only make decisions according to what you already know. Add the knowledge of the wise to your own to increase your success. Be a servant to others. The wise man cultivates a servant’s spirit. That attribute attracts people like no other. As you humbly serve others their wisdom will be freely shared with you. Often, the person who develops a servant’s spirit becomes wealthy beyond measure. Don’t look for someone to open your door look for doors to open for others. Don’t be distressed when no one is available to help you be excited when you are available to help others.

Having a servant’s spirit and seeking wisdom will enable you to grow and gain success at rates you never thought possible. You are what you associate yourself with so open your eyes and ears and be aware of your influences both receiving and sending they can change your life.


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