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Talent Management: Business Management Plan

Talent Management

Talent management is an essential part of business management business strategy for most organizations. Talent management is a process that never ends, that manages the starting point of a new employee at the end point, where the termination (either party) occurs, namely attracting, developing and retaining talent. A broader definition of talent management is a broader approach than trying to develop these skills.

There are anchor pillars which governs the management of talent, namely, recruitment, performance management, learning management and compensation management. Therefore, talent management is the process from end to end planning, recruitment, development, management and compensation of employees throughout the organization. However, this is, however, an overtly simplistic and inward looking definition.

Talent management strategies should begin with the end in sight. Mix it in the broader context of its strategic business plan, supported by long-term growth of your organization, human resource management and business planning. In essence, provides the right people to lead the organization and is line with its growth.

Talent management talks about life and breathe in your organization. Talent Management is the management of long-term expectations of employees, plunging into the corporate culture, design and implementation of programs and initiatives to support the personal and professional development of employees who merges with the overall growth model your business plan. It is not difficult to see the soft-indoctrination of the company’s vision, mission and passion induced in this process, with the support of senior management.

Stay tuned to this series of articles about talent management, to explore gaps in talent management and how the talent management to long-term organizational performance.

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