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SEO Can Make a Good Website Great

SEO | Search Engine Optimization

As a web designer, have you ever been faced with a situation where you create a website, and few months later, the owner or person responsible for running the business comes asking: “We are yet to get a single sale from the website, what is going on?”

You probably have, and if you are in the minority who hasn’t, chances are you are paying attention to SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. It’s important that you mention this to the client before starting the website. Make sure he/she is aware that by having a website isn’t enough today, and SEO is the answer to that. So visit to learn more.

What is SEO and why is it so important? To answer this question, think about how many hundreds of millions of websites are out there. Finding the one you want and need from these millions is like trying to locate a certain star in the night sky. It is impossible. That is where search engines such as Google and Yahoo come into place. SEO is the art (or science if you will) of optimizing your pages, through keywords and design, to make sure they can be found on the first pages of search results.

If you run part of website design service in London or just dealing with one for your own website, SEO has to be part of your overall plan. It is easy to create a website these days. The real challenge is making that website easy to find from and by search engines. The difference between a well-optimized website vs. one that isn’t, could result into big losses in revenue for your business.

Excellent web design service companies distinguish themselves from the average ones, by covering the SEO part of building a website. It may cost more, but it is important that the company discusses the issue with the client at least. That way, the designer is covering his ground, and making it clear that having a website is more than just the design itself.

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