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  • Pundamilia pundamilia
    Formerly known as the zebra nyererei, pundamilia pundamila hails from numerous locations in lake victoria. most known locale variants are restricted to the southern portion of lake victoria, mwanza gulf specifically..
  • (pundamilia nyererei) – imperial tropicals
    Remarks: pundamilia nyererei is a species of haplochromine from lake victoria and the surrounding waters. males have a red upper half and yellow-green lower half, covered with black bars throughout. females are mostly gray with some yellow in the fins. it is best to keep pundamilia nyererei males with other male cichli.

Pundamilia pundamilia, Formerly zebra nyererei, pundamilia pundamila hails numerous locations lake victoria. locale variants restricted southern portion lake victoria, mwanza gulf specifically.. (pundamilia nyererei) – imperial tropicals, Remarks: pundamilia nyererei species haplochromine lake victoria surrounding waters. males red upper yellow-green , covered black bars . females gray yellow fins. pundamilia nyererei males male cichli.




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