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New Managers Shouldn’t be so Hard on Themselves

New Manager

Relocation from staff  on management for the first time is exciting, but it can be frightening. There are so I do not know. Somehow managing to look so easy from the outside, but now that they actually do, you realize it’s more complicated than I thought. Before, there were certain tasks and I knew I had the ability to do so.

You still have the responsibility for these tasks, but now we see that the work is done effectively by others. It is a completely new task in itself, and you are not sure you’re doing.  They also have difficulty concentrating on planning is an important part of management, because emergencies big and small seem to emerge all the time and people keep running until they solve. The expression “When you get to your neck in alligators, it’s hard to remember like trying to drain the swamp” could have been written for new managers!

In those early days, you must learn to not be too hard on yourself. Management skills are not integrated into our human DNA, we must teach them. I promise to learn at least one lesson each day management. Take a few minutes at the end of each day to reflect on the lessons of that day and how you will use to improve their management skills. Sometimes, these lessons will be difficult, but each will give you something to draw on, if you’re willing to learn.

Every day brings new challenges, new experiences and new achievements. It’s easy to forget the successes and focus on all things not going so well, so I recommend you keep a record of all your new experiences. Then, on thinking about being a manager was a terrible mistake, you can read on your calendar and remember how he got.

Becoming a manager is a journey. Like any journey, featuring two events of good and bad experiences, pleasant and not so pleasant aspects, both positive and negative. Go one step at a time, learn from every experience, good or bad and gradually becoming more comfortable in your management role.

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