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Making Money Online | Making Money on Internet | Online BusinessThe internet is growing everyday, and it is making more and more money as we speak. The internet has allowed millions of people to stay at home and work out of there house to make a full time income. Today people are researching for that perfect opportunity so that they too can work at home and start your online business and make a six figure income.

Well lets be honest with ourselves. It isn’t going to happen any time soon sorry to say. However if you work at it, and build it like a business you will see great growth in how much money you produce online. I suggest when you start working online look for something that offers you residual income. Residual income is good because you will get paid over and over again for all your hard work you put in.

If you do not find something with residual income, and go with something that just pays say once a week or twice a week it is good for now but what will happen if they close shop? Also the market will sooner or later become filled with tons of people doing the same thing you are doing. So choose something that pays you month after month from residual income.

I know of a few good programs that allow you to make a good deal of money off of residual income that I am going to tell you about. Now before I start these programs will not make you millions but they will help you start off in the correct direction, and help you make and extra $200 to $2,000 a month if you really use them.

The first is a program that works off investing. Everyone should invest money so this one is great. With it you can invest as little money as you want to or as much its all up to you. Once you made your investment you then can choose to get paid monthly or have it compound for a year. Each month you will make anywhere from 15% – 20% on your investment.

The second residual income opportunity I found is another system that works a bit different from the first one. This system offers you a chance to join for a small fee, and allows you to make $15 a month from whoever you refer into the system. Example if you bring in Bob you just made $15 a month. Now Bob brings in Mary you get Mary and you just made $30 a month. Now you bring in David and you just made $45 a month. Mary brings in Kathy and you made $60 a month and David brings in Tim and you made $75 a month.

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