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Inspirational Secrets To Success from John Assaraf

John Assaraf

John Assaraf, international best-selling author, speaker and entrepreneur; sits down with world-renowned motivational speaker, John Hersey, to tackle the questions that are on everyone’s mind. Assaraf’s popularity as a motivational business coach landed him a cameo appearance in the highly-acclaimed book and movie, The Secret.

His thought-provoking interview inspires you to live each day with passion and joy. He shows you how to make positive changes in your life, and how to tackle every day obstacles. If you have the right attitude, skills and tools, you will achieve your dreams and goals.

Make Big Changes and Start Living Today!

Are you tired of wading through life without goals and direction? Assaraf breaks down life-long goals into easy steps that you can apply to your life today:

  • Does your business and personal relationships suffer? Learn how a simple change in attitude can make all the difference at work and at home!
  • Do you wake up with a chip on your shoulder and carry it with you throughout your day? Learn how to take responsibility for your life – how to make a conscious commitment each day to be happy!

Assaraf sits down with Hersey and shares how to:

  • Stop giving into rational lies so you can attract happiness into your life.
  • Make a realistic plan and set goals you’re committed to!
  • Move from a space of ignorance into a space of knowledge.
  • Make the down season economy work for you – Set big goals and move towards financial freedom!
  • Understand your vibrational energy and how it affects people around you
  • Hire, barter and partner with others to help achieve your dreams
  • Get rid of the “I cant’s” and turn them into “I can achieve!”
  • Be an inspirational leader and positive example to others!
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