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How to Start e-Commerce Business

how to start e-commerce businessHow to start e-commerce business? The growth of e-commerce business is increasing. Credit is due to the increasing use of the internet and the growing smartphone market. As a result, even small retailers are opening their businesses online. If you want to start your business on the web, we recommend following the tips below.

e-Commerce Methods

Companies founded online are known as e-commerce. Nowadays you can use both methods to start your online shop: You can start an e-commerce site or join an online market. This article will explain about how to start e-commerce business, step by step.

e-Commerce Site Owner

Starting your own e-commerce site is a difficult option because you need to develop a website and payment gateway and then start a marketing campaign to promote your products. Also, keep in mind that starting an e-commerce business requires a long term commitment from you. Apart from that, you have to spend a lot of money to make your website truly successful.

Join an Established Marketplace

Joining an established marketplace is an easy path. All you have to do is get a bank account and a tax number. This facilitates your application. The e-commerce market will cover everything from payment gateway, marketing, technology, web development and web design, just to name a few. For a new salesperson like you, the workload is significantly reduced.

Here are the registration steps that you can perform when you begin:

  • Registration. First, you may want to register your business. Once your company is registered, you can open a bank account with the name of the company. This makes it easier for you to receive the tax code.
  • Tax Registration. Regardless of whether you start your website or sell through a market, online sales require GST registration. You must get the control file.
  • Banking Registration. Once you have started your business, you must apply for a bank account on behalf of the company. If you want to start a real estate company, you must also obtain the tax certificate. You must receive this certificate or you can not receive a bank account.
  • Payment Gateway. If you have an e-commerce site, you must have a payment gateway to process debit, credit card, or internet banking payments, just to name a few. With a payment gateway, you can accept digital payments. With a digital payment gateway, the payment of your customers will be transferred immediately to your bank account. It may take up to 24 hours for the payment to be transferred to your bank account. Remember that if you want to sell on the market, you do not need a separate payment gateway. Payments are made via the market portal.
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