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Focusing on the Objective of Change Management

The dictionary identifies a system as an “orderly set or process of related things”. As used to business management, a useful management control system is a continuous management tool that connects facts together in an arranged fashion, so a manager could make appropriate decisions. It is not easy to wear lanyards with manager title on ID tag to control overall down-line performances.

A manager should control a lot of variables everyday, including:

  • High level company objectives such as customer service levels and productivity.
  • The connection of a department to another.
  • The appropriate resolution of client concerns.
  • Addressing differences to expected performance goals companies usually take on process improvement plans to achieve these objectives.

When entrusting resources to business process development plans, it is very important to concentrate on the whole organization on the following objectives and goals:

  1. Reduce the time it takes to change Huge projects that go over a long period of time are usually a discouraging process. The Manager must be certain to comprise milestones that could be effectively measured to guarantee progress towards the objective and serve as a cause for an accomplishment. In addition, change is expensive and most of the expenses are time dependent. Therefore a rapid change process is often better for the organization.
  2. Maximize the investment in change the objective of change management is to develop operational performance at the least possible cost, and not only to apply change for the sake of change. Useful Change Agents apply plans with least disruption to everyday operations and be familiar with when the cost of change goes over the potential benefits.
  3. Exploit the outcomes of change efforts develop as much as possible from the alteration experience. Set stretch objectives and insist that managers exceed them. Force your organization to the maximum performance level and the most advantageous competitive place. Always take note, the competition is striving to enhance performance as well.
  4. Some constants in change management:
  • All organization change; by default or design.
  • Change could be controlled and planned; for you or by you.
  • How you react to change is as vital as what you change.
  • Resistance to change is predictable, normal and can be controlled.

When applying business process development initiatives, it is often important to take note of the ultimate objectives of planning and organizing work assignments so they could be successfully done w/in internal cost constraints and customer expectations. Maybe, creating custom embroidered patches with motivating slogans and placing it on notice wall might help to motivate the staffs. Relating these objectives to the results expected from a plan will guarantee success.

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