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Essentials of Team Building

Manage Your Business | team building

Different people, different working styles and ideas how do you make it all come together? What do you do to select the best task force for a particular department or a new project? How can you create an environment of optimum productivity and creativity? Here are few things to keep in mind while putting a team together.

Main Cause

What is the goal of putting a team together? The team should have a common purpose and goal. It may be for a new venture or damage control. Everyone needs to be on the same page. Getting your slogan on custom silicone wristbands specially made for your team can help too.

Rules and Norms

What is expected and what is not expected by the team and by the team members individually should be made clear from the very start. This also governs the behavior of the group and its members.

Individual Contribution

Each and every member in the group is given a specific task and responsibilities that have to be carried out to best of their abilities and within the given time frame. This enhances the performance of the group and a clear line of direction.


A good team can use their resources well and also create a new pool of resources for the company to use in the future. It may be in the form of contacts, connections or even goodwill.

Time Frames

A team should be able to work fast and be able to meet deadlines. In the corporate world late deliverables are not accepted and does not leave a good impression at all. It can also be a huge loss to the business.


This may be the most important one of them all. Make sure the team you put together can understand each other and can communicate well. It isn’t easy for everyone to agree on the same idea or appreciate each others working style. Alternatively, you can try create dog tags with team name and slogan for each members to have close bond. There is bound to be friction. But your group members should be able to move on and respect each other none the less.

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