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Many leaders want to become more inspired, for your team, your customers, throughout your organization. With years of coaching leaders, I learned that people do not seek the leadership of the inspirational leadership who are inspired.

Here are 3 ideas, in no particular order, to help you build your personal sense of inspiration:

#1. Examine your values.

When was the last time you sat down and wrote about their values? When was the last time you started thinking about what are some of the main things that really matter to you? Fill out an hour without distractions just sit and think about yourself and what you know that the deepest personal values-held. Make a list of everything that comes from your own mind, might be only five or six labels, or can be a paragraph or two of the three values. Then compare his work as leader – where the alignment is likely to rekindle the inspiration of his leadership application. If you do not find the lineup, the exercise could be the catalyst needed to inspire a change.

#2. Remember your first day.

Think of that first day at work, or perhaps the day he received the call that got the job. Remember how you felt? The most likely be moved. You want to do my best to maximize the opportunities to put your best foot forward and demonstrate. Above all, you’re grateful. Try restarting the recognition by the reflection on this first day of work, and all the optimism with which he has proposed the possibility. Writing the history of your first day. This is another exercise that almost always leads to a sense of inspiration to keep going, because it raises their views over the obstacles that have emerged since then, and reminds him why he does what he does.

#3. Write your vision for the future.

It is also a powerful technique. Again, you need to block some time, without distractions, a place where you can be totally calm and at ease. The first step is to simply close your eyes, take some slow breaths to relax, and then focus on what your imagination be your ideal future state. Cast yourself one or two years into the future and think about what you want, how you’ve changed, what you have done, what he has learned and how a typical day will be different in the imagined future. Then open your eyes and your journal and write your vision. What should I do? If the vision is compelling enough, you will find inspiration to take the steps to take to make it happen.

I used these techniques with thousands of bright and talented young leaders in the world and I know it works. Some leaders find inspiration to make a change in their lives – who change jobs or get a health kick, or start a business. Other leaders to renew their inspiration from their current opportunity and move on to do great things in their companies in their industries, often with an existing fan that can be written off as enthusiastic, or not. The key learning is: if a new opportunity or a new approach to existing opportunities, as well as fans will enjoy yourself.

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