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Build Affiliate Marketing With Blogger

Here are  how to build an Affiliate Marketing With Blogger in 7 steps:

  1. Create an account at These are two sites that Google loves blogs and are free to create.
  2. Start with something you like. For examples motorcycles, finance, dating, etc.
  3. Find a good product to promote. If you blog about handbags, try typing something like “bag of affiliates” in Google, or check an affiliate program as big as Amazon or Commission Junction.
  4. Research what type of keywords in your high demand and low supply. To do this, go to Google AdWords keyword tool and typing a few words about your product. For example, if you sell Coach handbags, try typing in “Scholarship Coach online” or something like that. When Google spits out results, try typing those with less than 10,000 visits per month in Google with quotes. Therefore, it would be like if the number of results is less than 5,000 “coach shop online scholarship.” Is a keyword super!
  5. Write a blog and put this keyword in the title and a couple of times in the post. Do not overdo it though, make a sound natural.
  6. Place the affiliate link to the product in several places in his post.
  7. Increase traffic to your blog: writing articles on article directories like  Articlebase and link to your post;  use social networking sites like Facebook to send a message about it; and linking your URL to related forums.
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