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Artificial Grass for a More Beautiful Lawn

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A beautiful lush lawn will make any home looks lovely and relaxing. A green lawn may look simpler than a flower garden. However, for those who do not have much time to maintain a green lawn, it can be a bit difficult to maintain its beauty. Maintaining a lawn is not only time consuming. But it also needs a lot of water and fertilizer to keep it green. Homeowners must also keeping away weeds and sweeping it to make it looks clean and attractive.

If you are a homeowner who does not have enough time to maintain a beautiful lawn, you had better choose artificial grass. There is a provider and installer of artificial grass Glendale AZ which you can call if you want to have this maintenance free lawn in your home. Getting this type of grass for your home is not as difficult as you think. Some homeowners may think that this particular grass is only available for soccer fields or other sport fields. However, now homeowners can have it at their yard.

The benefits of artificial grass

Having artificial grass Glendale AZ at your lawn will give you some benefits and conveniences. One of the best benefits about this grass is that it requires low maintenance. Unlike the real grass which needs regular mowing, the artificial one doesn’t need to be mowed. It does not grow taller so that you can save your time and energy and forget about mowing it.

It doesn’t need water either. You do not need to water it at all so that you can save more water. Artificial grass doesn’t need to be fertilized. It will stay green and beautiful without water and fertilizer. It will not cause skin irritation either. Some people are allergic to grass. But this artificial one will not cause any allergy.

Artificial grass will not discolor due to the sun exposure. Even though it is man-made but it can stand the sun very well. It has UV-protection agent which will protect the color of this artificial grass. This particular grass is very durable. The best artificial grass contractor in Glendale offers you with 2 years warranty. Therefore, you can be sure that high quality artificial grass will not tear or discolor for two years.

To make it last long, you must know how to maintain its look. One of the most important things to maintain its look is that to keep it clean. You can clean it using leaf blower or lawn sweeper. To sweep away heavier objects from this artificial lawn, you can use a rake. On high traffic areas, the artificial grass will likely be flat. To fluff it, you can natural bristle broom.

Your artificial lawn will be likely get stain from spilled liquid. To clean the stain, you can use bleach or other household cleaners. This type of grass can stand up to most chemicals such as paint thinner and turpentine.

Artificial grass is almost maintenance free. It is beautiful and good looking. It will add more value into your yard. Having this particular grass as your lawn will be your best solution for you. It is efficient and frees you from extra house chores.

Types of artificial grass

There are several types of artificial grass you can buy. One of them is Bermuda. This type of artificial grass has natural deep green color. There are two choices of Bermuda artificial grass which you can choose. One of them is Bermuda 70 oz. It is perfect for any yards. If you want something finer and for high traffic area, you must choose Bermuda 80 oz. Both of them have some similar characteristics. They are 1 ½ inches pile height, have 150/m stitch rate, and 8 year warranty.

If your budget is limited, you can choose PIR 60 oz. This particular grass is 1 ½ pile height, has 8 year warranty, and 130/m stitch rate. Its color is similar to Bermuda. Since it is lighter, it is also thinner.

Another artificial grass which you can buy is Libra. It is lighter in color than the Bermuda. It has wider blade of grass and thicker feel. They are available in two choices. You can choose the lighter one with 65 oz. It has 150/m stitch rate and 8 year warranty. If you want one which is thicker, you can choose 80 oz. It has 180/m stitch rate. This particular grass has very dense turf. It is perfect for high traffic environment.

If you want to have something in between, you can choose Bermuda and Libra blend. It has 142/m stitch rate and 70 oz face weight. It is medium thick and perfect for any environment.

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