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Advertise and Build Brand-Name for Product Online

Advertise and Build Brand-NameHow to advertise and build brand-name for product online?

According to the research of authors Al Ries & Laura Ries, there are 22 immutable laws of branding to build a product into world-class brand. However, one of the laws that’s always right to any products is “The Law of Advertising“.

Today, we know that there are a lot of ways to advertise. Advertising can not help us to buy any thing but it makes us stronger and keeps our market share not fall into our competitor’s hands. Since the information technology industry has developed, online-advertising grow up rapidly. This article turns around the topic of online advertising to answer the question “How customers know about us?

With some companies, especially software companies, they build their professional website to advertise. Then, they try to popularize this website to as many people as possible. Customers can get the information through:

  • Search engine
  • Link exchange
  • Download store affiliate, retailer and download sites
  • Viral
  • Advertising in chat rooms solution
  • Forums
  • Blog or online communities
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