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  • Eminem - history and biography
    Eminem biography. marshall bruce mathers iii, rapper, composer, producer, discography and american actor. known professionally as eminem (often stylized as eminƎm), it comes from the union of the marshall mathers initials: m & m. he was born in saint joseph, missouri-united states, on october 17, 1972..
  • Eminem | biography & history | allmusic
    Certainly, eminem was the first white rapper since the beastie boys to garner both sales and critical respect, but his impact exceeded this confining distinction..

Eminem - history biography, Eminem biography. marshall bruce mathers iii, rapper, composer, producer, discography american actor. professionally eminem ( stylized eminƎ), union marshall mathers initials: & . born saint joseph, missouri-united states, october 17, 1972.. Eminem | biography & history | allmusic, Certainly, eminem white rapper beastie boys garner sales critical respect, impact exceeded confining distinction.. Eminem biography - facts, childhood, family life, achievements, Eminem biography. grew , formed group rappers called 'd12', popular audiences. , caught attention famous record producer, dr. dre, formed long-lasting professional relationship. dre' assistance released successful albums ' slim shady lp',.... Eminem | biography, music, awards, & facts | britannica., Eminem, byname marshall bruce mathers iii, (born october 17, 1972, st. joseph, missouri, ..), american rapper, record producer, actor -controversial -selling artists early 21st century. mathers turbulent childhood, marked poverty allegations abuse..




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